Leading Growth with Equiom's Caroline Prow

It’s often said that first impressions count. But what people say also counts as Will Green found out when he interviewed Caroline Prow and her growth plans for Equiom (Guernsey) Limited

Personable and warm, the new managing director of Equiom Guernsey also has an air of understated authority about her. Perhaps that’s not surprising given Caroline Prow’s career in financial services, which spans two decades and has a distinctly international flavour. Most recently, she was based in Barbados in the Caribbean.

But the prospect of leading a 70-strong team at Equiom Guernsey, which provides international fiduciary services, and driving growth in the business proved to be a strong pull back to her home island. With her children in the UK and family on-island, the job was a perfect fit for Caroline who left Guernsey for the Caribbean 18 years ago.

‘I wanted to return to Europe to be near to where my children are at university in the UK and I’d been looking for suitable opportunities in the UK and the Crown Dependencies. From the initial talks with Equiom back in March, I loved the fact that it was a growth company that was expanding and that had international presence,’ she says.

It also helped that she had enjoyed working with two of the directors at Equiom in a previous role at Rothschilds. ‘The more the interview process carried on, the more I realised that it was a company that I’d love to work with and be part of their journey.’

Equiom has grown considerably both globally across 17 jurisdictions and within Guernsey following the purchase of Lloyds Trust Company (Channel Islands), the Ardel Trust Company (Guernsey) Limited (formerly part of the Bachmann Group) and Virtus Trust Group Limited within the past four years. It has resulted in significant expansion of the company’s operation on the island, total assets under administration and provided them with a North American presence.

Leading with an eye on the future

‘The challenge which was posed to me was, “we have different entities that have been acquired which now need integrating to get to harmonisation and after this has been achieved we need you to collectively grow the business”. I love HR,’ says Caroline.

‘And I like a challenge and that’s what brought me back. I didn’t necessarily know that I would come back, but I have, and I am really pleased to be here.’

For Caroline, leadership in a business is ‘essential’ to deliver success for clients, colleagues and the business. Having run a successful multi-family office in Barbados, Caroline recognises the importance of an excellent team working alongside her. ‘Communication is key to lead and motivate, both upwards (because our head office is in the Isle of Man) and obviously downwards to my team. If you have a great team supporting you, I think you can achieve anything really.’

She adds: ‘During the last four years Equiom, has been consolidating and transitioning and now our focus will be business development, meeting our clients and developing and growing the business.’

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