Lord Digby Jones on Guernsey and Brexit

Jeremy Corbyn is a bigger risk to Britain than Brexit could ever be, according to Lord Digby Jones. Will Green interviewed the former director-general of the Confederation of British Industry and minister for trade in Guernsey

It may be a cliché, but Lord Digby Jones really is one of those larger than life characters. With his Birmingham accent and an apparent no-nonsense approach, Lord Jones is happy to speak his mind. Nothing is off the record, he says.

Describing himself as a ‘reluctant Brexiteer’, Lord Jones says that a British exit from the European Union would not be as bad as a  Jeremy Corbyn government.

‘My biggest worry for the country from a Corbyn government is the exit of talent and capital. I’m 63 years old, it’s not me. It’s a 30-year-old who thinks: “I’m off and I’ll take my capital, my risk, my energy, my sense of innovation, my hard work, my talent and I’ll go and do it somewhere else because these boys hate business.”’

Lord Jones is also ready to move permanently to Guernsey if a left-wing government take power in the UK. He and his wife recently bought a home in Guernsey, with their current plan being to spend half the year in the island and the other half in the UK.

‘The plan would be we would spend our lives, split personalities really, between the UK and here. That hopefully will go on for many, many years. But if Corbyn and McDonnell and his happy business hating crew got into power, then if Guernsey will have us, it will be full time.’

You can read the full article in our February issue here.